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MUECI Church equips believers to respond to God's call for His people to pray. Each week we adopt one country and intercede in pray for seven consecutive days. We also meet every Wednesday from 7am to 11am in corporate prayer at MUECI Church.



332 Million

Pray for decisions in the country to honor God!! That God allows people with integrity and morals to make laws according to the foundations of the founding fathers based on the principles of the Word of God!! Rebuking any entity that wants to take control of our nation and that wants to remove God from our culture and our hearts!!

Pray that the church won’t be deceived and can stand up to defend our faith. May the Lord continue to use us as the light and salt of this world. 

week of
Sept 11 to oct 8


week of
august 21 to sept 10




23.8 Million

Taiwan has a Christian minority, making up about 3.9% of its population. Roughly half of Taiwan’s Christians are Catholic, and half Protestant. Due to the small number of practitioners, Christianity has not influenced the island nation’s Han Chinese culture in a significant way. A few individual Christians have devoted their lives to charitable work in Taiwan becoming well known and well liked for example George Leslie Mackay (Presbyterian) and Nitobe Inazō (Methodist, later Quaker).
Holy Rosary Cathedral in Kaohsiung.
A few Taiwan Presidents have been at least nominal Christians, including the country’s founder Sun Yat-sen (Congregationalist), Chiang Kai-shek and his son Chiang Ching-kuo (both Methodists), as well as Lee Teng-hui (Presbyterian). Ma Ying-jeou, apparently received a Catholic baptism in his early teens, but does not identify with any religion with Chinese folk religion practices. At the same time, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has been a key supporter of human rights and the Democratic Progressive Party, a stance opposed to many of the politicians listed above.



46 Million

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s largest urban areas, and the gospel does not reach many who live there. The cultured upper class are harder to reach. The Jewish community (one of the world’s largest) has few believers. Some churches started work among the 500,000 slum dwellers, homeless, and street kids, but more work is needed. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese communities continue to grow with only one agency reaching out to them. Pray for the many Christians present in Buenos Aires to gain a passion for sharing the gospel across social, economic, and cultural boundaries.

week of
July 24 to August 20


week of
july 17 to July 23


El Salvador


6.5 Million

Praise God that peace has held since the end of the civil war in 1992. Since then, corruption in politics has been a big problem in El Salvador, but multiple free elections have occurred, with different parties prevailing at different times. El Salvador’s main struggles are now against poverty and gang violence. Money sent home from Salvadorans working abroad is the largest part of the economy. Nearly 40% of the country lives below the poverty line. Violent criminal gangs known as “maras” keep the nation among the global leaders for murder rates and juvenile delinquency. Overcoming these two giants will take more than just good social and economic policy – El Salvador needs a spiritual awakening that transforms the nation!



8.7 Million

Interest in the gospel increased within Israel, especially among Jews, and especially the last few years. At least 12,000 Jews recognize Jesus as their Messiah just within Israel. Messianic Jews are now an undeniable part of Israeli society, but growth also brings persecution. Pray for boldness in witness, and perseverance in faith despite the opposition. The return of Jews to Israel was a significant period in Jewish history. Many see it as a fulfilment of prophecy. Pray for the nation’s spiritual restoration (Romans 11:25-31).

week of
June 19 to july 16


week of
june 12 to june 18




11.1 Million

Cuba faces a difficult future. Communist Party leaders hold power, but this economic approach cannot last forever. The economy is one of the weakest in the Caribbean, and too few young people remain to support the older generation. Deep poverty led to a successful black market with widespread crime, drugs, and prostitution. The regime imprisoned more than 500,000 for political reasons, and over a million became refugees in the USA. Pray that the Cuban diaspora might find Christ and influence their original homeland. Pray for reasonable reforms, freedom, forgiveness, and for every industry built on sin to be overcome by good.



329.5 Million

The spiritual heritage of the USA is under attack from atheist, New Age, and other groups who use their media power to discredit Christians and erase Christianity from American public life. Admittedly, Christians have, by their division and weakened testimony, made themselves an easy target. Pray that Christians in America will grow in unity, speak the truth in love, and preserve the Christian legacy and free speech of their country. Pray for Christ-like attitudes and conduct in all conversations and actions with other Christians and even with those who attack them. How Christians live and speak matters as much as what they say.

week of
may 8 to june 11


week of
May 1 to May 7




11.1 Million

The litany of tragedies to strike Haiti seems unending. The 2010 earthquake took up to 300,000 lives, and rendered 1.6 million people homeless. The cholera outbreak that followed claimed thousands more and made over a million sick. Mass protests and high fuel prices plagued the years 2018-2021. Then the President was assassinated in his own home in July 2021. This was followed by another huge earthquake a month later. It was the worst natural disaster in the world in 2021, but merely one more tragic episode for this broken nation. Haiti’s plight began with centuries of unjust treatment at the hands of Western powers, and continued after independence. Now, corruption, exploitation, grievous inequality, political wrangling, state capture, and powerful armed gangs add to Haiti’s suffering. The layers of brokenness seem impossible to fix. Pray for God to break through and bring lasting change in this land desperate for salvation.



1.4 billion

Some call this the “Chinese Century” because of China’s rising role on the world stage. It has more people than any other country, and massive influence on world economics and politics. China invests billions of dollars in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to develop trade, but also to gain influence. But it also remains politically oppressive and corrupt. It has a poor human rights record, and imposes harsh laws and punishments. The cult of personality surrounding President Xi, the increasingly bellicose tone of China’s foreign policy, and the accelerating oppression of minorities and dissidents should compel us to prayer! Pray for God to do a mighty work in and through the Chinese government.

week of
April 24 to April 30


week of
April 17 to April 23




37.9 Million

Christian influence on Canadian society declined across the last century. The non-religious population grew the most as Christians left the Church, but other religions grew quickly through immigration and high birthrates. The mainline churches, especially the United Church and Anglican Church, became more liberal in their beliefs about God and the Bible. They also declined in numbers. Pray for a new, vibrant move of God in these declining denominations, and for fresh, contemporary expressions of faith in Jesus. Pray that Canadian Christians would be more concerned with being loving witnesses to the Gospel than with political agendas and culture wars. Pray for justice, freedom to keep sharing the Gospel. Pray for the persecuted church and pastores.



43.7 Million

We pray for the Ukrainian people and ask for Your intervention in this senseless war levied against them by Russia. We pray, O God, for protection and that there would be peace. We pray for restoration and renewed hope. We pray for the families, especially, the children living through the horrors of war and all the upheaval and tribulation it brings. We also pray for those protesting in Russia against these violent acts by their government. We ask that You would protect, cover and keep these protesters as they put their bodies on the line in the name of what is just and righteous. We pray for the entire world community, including the leaders in our own country. Give them wisdom and ingenuity to respond in ways that ends this war and moves us all to a world where Your peace abides. Hear the cries of Your people, O God. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Amen.

week of
April 10 to April 16


week of
April 3 to April 9




29 Million

Venezuela is unstable and deeply divided. Recent presidents (first Chavez, now Maduro) divided the country with their politics and policies. An attempt by Maduro to seize more power saw millions of Venezuelans respond by marching against the corruption of the government and against the poverty crippling the country. Even vast oil reserves have not been able to prevent economic meltdown. Corruption and poverty were both widespread even before this meltdown. 60% of city dwellers live in slums. Venezuela ranks as the 2nd most corrupt nation in Latin America (after Haiti). The results of the 2018 election were contested. Maduro claimed to have won, but the most influential nations in the Americas and Europe rejected the results and recognised the head of the National Assembly as acting president instead. Maduro’s refusal to step down, massive food shortages, and hyperinflation have caused millions of Venezuelans to flee the country, desperately seeking survival and opportunity elsewhere. Pray for God to bring relief to the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

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